‘I want to spend 40 hours a week doing my own marketing’ …said no business owner ever

You want your marketing to create better results so you can count on increased revenue.
Then why does it seem so complicated?

I want to spend 40 hours a week doing my own marketing’… said no business owner ever

You want your marketing to create better results so you can count on increased revenue.
Then why does it seem so complicated?


Which of these sounds like you?

"My marketing team is doing OK, but they aren’t creating any new ideas for the business."

"I'm not sure that my marketing team is doing all they could be doing."

"I wish I had more time to spend on our marketing because it's not where it needs to be."

"I have tried working with agencies and their work felt disconnected."

"I wish my team could handle more on their own. They seem to flounder unless I’m right there guiding them."

“I handed this project off to my marketing person, and I spent more time explaining it than it would take to do it myself.”

Most business owners do not have time to do their own marketing OR develop their own marketing team.

Hi. I’m Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG.

We help your marketing team become rock stars.

I remember sitting in a room with Brendon Burchard as we created marketing campaigns that would change millions of lives.

I created a company with Larry King, I've helped grow Chris and Heidi Powell's businesses, and created the marketing automation that built Growth.com into a multi-million dollar business. 

What I've found is that business owners need marketing help and that not all help is created equal. 

You’re not alone in struggling to find the time for your own marketing. And you’re far from alone in struggling to build a marketing team that can generate ideas, take initiative, and run a project through the finish line.


At AutomateBIG, we believe marketing should propel your growth, not slow your business down.

We’ve created 3 tiers of services to make your marketing world-class.

Choose Which Best Fits You 

My Marketing Team Is Good And I’d Like to Make Them Even Better

Your team will:

  • Learn how to take the marketing stress off your shoulders
  • Get help solving your marketing challenges
  • Connect with supportive peers and advanced marketers
  • Get high-level strategies followed up with in-the-weeds technical details
  • Stay up to date with what's happening now in marketing
Make A Good Marketing Team Into Rockstars

My Marketing Team Is Under-Performing (Or I Don’t Have a Marketing Team)

Your team will:

  • Learn how to make marketing automation work for you
  • Utilize proven marketing strategies
  • Learn what marketing automators/digital marketers can do
  • Develop multi-faceted skills that will propel your company’s growth.
Upgrade the Critical Skills of Your Marketing Team

I’d Prefer
‘Done For You’
Marketing Services

You will:

  • Get audience research, copywriting, campaign strategies, lead magnets, sales pages, email campaigns, text message automation, & integration work
  • Rely on us to help you accomplish your marketing objectives
Talk with Us About Your Marketing Objectives

AutomateBIG™ Has Created Marketing Campaigns For:

Brendon Burchard

Thank you brother!!! I appreciate you and our service to the world together. We lift each other up!!

Ethan Willis

Bryan, we couldn’t have built Growth.com without you. Thank you for all your effort in building something with us that didn’t exist before your help. 

Chris Powell

When we were preparing for the launch of our app just over a year ago, we reached out to Bryan and his team for their expertise. To say they were a Godsend would be an understatement.

Amber & Justin Arrington 

I can honestly say that without AutomateBIG we would not have a Business. AutomateBIG was able to quickly understand the scope of our vision and make it come to life.

Keira Poulsen

Working with Bryan and AutomateBIG was amazing!! I felt extremely supported, every step of the way. This experience was extraordinary and I am so grateful for this opportunity!

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