Digital Marketing- What is it?

What does a digital marketer do?

Good question!

At the simplest level, digital marketers attract customers through any or all digital channels. 

These channels include email, pay-per-click advertising, organic local search, SEO, video marketing, Facebook groups, content marketing… 

Wherever customers can be found online, digital marketers will be right there. They’ll be seeking to attract highly qualified leads for their business. 

Because digital marketing involves the full range of marketing activities, a digital marketer must provide a business the full range of marketing:

  • Traditional market research into needs and desires of prospective customers
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy 
  • Creating (and revising) a strategic plan 
  • Designing marketing campaigns 
  • Automating, creating and executing marketing campaigns 
  • Creative production, such as video, design, copy
  • Digital advertising – Pay Per Click (PPC), Display
  • Diverse...
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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 28

Hi everybody, it's Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG. And I want to show you today on the blog, how to get more out of your Facebook comments. So we're going to jump in on my screen and I'm going to actually show you one tactic that we've used over the past number of years. And the thing that I love to say about this the most is that this tactic that we used to utilize Facebook comments in a much better way than most people do actually outperformed a political figure that was giving a big speech the same day we were doing this.

So it's kind of funny that you look at what's going on in the world. And sometimes you're like, okay, well, how are they generating so many comments? Or how are people actually responding to all these comments? That's crazy. Well, there's a way to do that. And we like to use a tool called ManyChat.

Let's just jump in; I want to show you how to do this, so you can actually build this out for yourself. Cool thing is, free of charge. No matter how you are...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 27

marketing strategy Sep 08, 2021

Hey everyone this is Bryan Hatch founder of AutomateBIG. And here we are on another episode of Marketing Runs Deep. And today, I want to talk about why handing off your marketing isn't working, and how to solve it. And I want to start off with something that may or may not work for some of my international people here but I recognize football, football, and rugby.

You know, they're all different sports, situations here but I want to just focus on one thing. Bear with me depending on how you follow sports but don't worry too much, okay? So typically, there are in a football game, like this is offense, I don't know if this is making much sense to you, but these are the people, the lineman here at the front. This is the quarterback and this is the running back, okay? So let's put into this scenario, you are the quarterback.

You own your business, you're an infopreneur, you sell online courses of training. And now you need to hand off your marketing to somebody else. Well, you need to...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 26

campaigns strategy Apr 30, 2021

Hey everyone, this is Bryan Hatch founder of AutomateBIG, and I'm excited about what we're gonna talk about today. Because in the world, there are a lot of infopreneurs. Now that's a term that I like to use. Business owners that are in the knowledge commerce space is another one, or edupreneurs is something that a lot of people use nowadays.

What I find interesting about the infopreneur or the eudpreneur space, is that it's growing. I've seen multiple articles from different reputable places and I'll make sure that I put the link to those resources in this video here, but I want to make sure that you understand, there's a massive opportunity happening in that space. Over the last five years, I've really seen that a transition to online courses is everybody's jam.

You've got your Udemys, your Skillshares, your MasterClasses. There are people that are creating courses online and they're housing these platforms. Now those big platforms are generating millions of dollars in course...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 25

automation Apr 21, 2021

Hey everybody, this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG. And I'm excited to be back here with you for another episode of our blog, Marketing Runs Deep. Talking about something that is, one of those things that everybody, doesn't really realize. What makes a great business? We serve infopreneurs, people that are selling online courses or training. We should be speaking at some way shape or form but, glad you're here with me now.

One of the things that happen, is what makes a successful business. Especially what makes us successful info-business. When I've worked with dozens and dozens, dozens, I don't know if it's a hundred clients at this point, over the last seven years? But many, many clients and many network professionals, people that I know in the space that help with, online entrepreneurs. It's funny because, what separates a successful info business from one that doesn't, comes down to one critical thing.

I'll tell it to you, by way of a conversation I had with an...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 24

build it strategy Apr 15, 2021

Hey everybody this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG. I wanted to take you on a little walk with me to talk to you about some of the things that have been going on in my businesses as I've been helping infopreneurs, people that sell online training courses, and just teach cool things. It comes down to this thing that everybody keeps talking about in this space is staying power.

If you want to create something online, and have longevity, and actually be in the business for a long time, well, there are some things you have to do. One of the things I want to make sure that I mention is that when you get into the info space, and you have some kind of cool online training, and people are jumping in pretty relatively easy, it's not that hard to find something that you have that's valuable and to get it out there. The sustainable part is the hard part. It's the staying power that people want. 

I want to talk to you about some of the things that you need to be focused on if you...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 23

stategy Apr 07, 2021

Hey everybody, this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG. And I'm excited about this session of our blog today to talk a little more about the infopreneur's plight. Now, what do I mean by infopreneur? If you are selling an online product or digital service, something online that you don't necessarily even have a physical store or a physical product to sell, that's you. Whether you're doing events, whether you're doing speaking engagements, whether you're doing courses and training, whether you're doing anything in that regard, anything that's information. If you're selling information and you do it all digitally then this is a fun episode for you.

I've had the opportunity to speak with many entrepreneurs about what they're doing, especially in this info space, about what is happening in the business. I see it time and time again that there are some main buckets. They're dividing their brain into all these different parts. First, the infopreneur learns that there is this...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 22

audience message Mar 04, 2021

Hey everyone this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG and I wanted to jump in today and just share a little bit about myself. People always wonder where you come from, want to find out a little bit more about your background. Why you're in business? What you're doing? And I hope that this inspires you to go and share the same thing with your audiences and help the business you help, or the people you serve to get to know you a little more.

It's important that people know who we are. I found that that is one of the biggest differentiators between me and other agencies, is that people can get to know who I am and what I'm all about and that matters. So for me, you know, I grew up in a really good family. I always wanted to work hard, accomplish big things and I played a lot of sports, very competitive. I had a good childhood. Good parents, good sisters, and I had a lot of fun. Worked hard and had some good friends and, you know, just the whole bit.

But as I was working to figure...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 21

software Feb 19, 2021

Hey everybody, this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG and I want to jump into another frequently asked question session here today, regarding some of the things that I get often when I tell people what I do and what we do, as a team. Now, business owners are looking for ways to solve problems. Because I do automation, we do marketing, marketing automation specifically, there's a lot that you can do and so people ask, "Well, should I get this software?" And that's what I want to address today. You see, in that context of, "Should I get this software," you need to think of a few things.

It really depends on what phase of your business you are in, are you in the startup phase, are you in things are going well, or are you going in a massive growth phase? That's the different phases and really, there are responses a little bit differently in each of those categories, but I'll address as if you're either in the startup phase or things are going well. I'm not saying that they are in...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 20

tagging Feb 12, 2021

Hi everybody, this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG. I want to jump into something that comes up quite often in automation. People that have been automating for a long time know that you must have a tagging structure. Those that are learning or new to automation, if you're trying to be able to string a bunch of emails and software platforms together, to be able to make this thing talk to that thing and do all these cool things, well, you're gonna realize that you're gonna need to have a tagging or segmenting structure, for your contacts specifically. If you're building a list in your business and you have ten thousand, you have a hundred thousand, or if you have a million contacts, you need to segment them out by many segmentations, right?

You need to know who is who. So when I'm talking about tags, many people in many online marketing services now, call them tags, but some call them automations or segmentations. Basically, you're trying to segment who's who within your...

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