Marketing Automation Skills Are in Huge Demand – You Can Develop & Upgrade Them Here 

Whether you’re a beginner or currently working
in marketing, you can learn new skills that will transform your career.

Marketing Automation Skills Are in Huge Demand – You Can Develop & Upgrade Them Here 

Whether you’re a beginner or currently working in marketing, you can learn new skills that will transform your career.

Do any of these sound familiar?

"I’m a virtual assistant and my clients treat me like I am their lowest level teammate."

"I’m in a marketing role and I feel like I’m missing something. I need feedback on what I’m doing so I can be more confident about my work."

"I want to learn marketing skills, increase my pay, and take care of my family… and I have limited time to learn these skills."

"I want a sustainable side hustle that can become my full time gig."

“As a VA I constantly see clients come and go. I need something to keep the good ones around.”

“Everyone tells me that to get a great job I have to get a college degree, but who has time to sit in a classroom for 4 years?”

“I need to make money, but my schedule is tight because I’m the taxi driver for my family.”

“I want a good job, but I don't want to be tied to an office, I want to get out and see the world!”

Keeping up-to-date marketing skills requires a community, going it alone makes it harder.

Whether you’re in a marketing role and looking to plug into a network that can support you in the advancement of your career… or someone looking to see if learning marketing skills could be your thing, WE CAN HELP.

Hi. I’m Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG.

We help people like you become marketing rockstars.

I was once you. Well, if you are a person who knows little about marketing or a person who feels the pressure in the marketing role you already have. I spent many hours in classrooms learning marketing, then I learned droves more by doing marketing work.

Over the years I’ve trained people who knew little about marketing automation to become highly valuable marketers for businesses.

I was the first person to work on Brendon Burchard’s marketing campaigns other than himself, I created a company with Larry King, and with my team we’ve helped dozens of business owners improve their marketing results.

And it wasn’t always that way. I remember working two jobs to support my family and the stress that it caused when I felt like I didn’t have the valuable skills people needed.

What I’ve found changed my life.

It’s the same thing we’re teaching our students and colleagues, and it’s transforming theirs.

You don’t have to feel alone in your marketing role, and you don’t have to wonder how to get the marketing skills you need today.

At AutomateBIG, we believe the right skills will propel you to a whole new level in your career.

And we’ve created 2 tiers of services to help you get there. 

Choose Which Best Fits You 

‘I’m in a marketing role and I need next-level feedback on the work I already do’

  • Get help solving your marketing challenges
  • Connect with supportive peers and advanced marketers
  • Get high-level strategies followed up with in-the-weeds technical details
  • Stay up to date with what's happening now in marketing
Get Upgraded Marketing Skills

‘I want to learn marketing skills so I can get paid well and have freedom in my life’

  • Learn what marketing automation is
  • Understand more about the opportunities in marketing
  • Learn what marketing automators or digital marketers do
  • Develop powerful and in-demand skills that will propel your career’s growth.
Learn More About Marketing Automation

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I’ve been learning so much from you but also from everyone in class which is not what I expected. Actually, I didn't know what to expect from any of this but boy am I glad I jumped on this opportunity. It's been challenging and rewarding. You truly care about your students and it shows.


I came into this class not knowing anything about automation and I have come to absolutely love it! I did not have high hopes at the beginning of the class of ever being confident enough to actually approach a business owner AND offer them my services. I have come a long way and have really loved the confidence that has come with each lesson each week. 


My experience in class has been AMAZING!! I have been a self-taught developer/designer creating for 9 years - but now I will be CERTIFIED! I felt my portfolio was never enough to back me. I have learned so many things from this program. I feel like I can really go out and conquer the world. You have no idea the confidence it has put behind my work.

Ethan Willis

Bryan, we couldn’t have built without you. Thank you for all your effort in building something with us that didn’t exist before your help. 

Brendon Burchard

Thank you brother!!! I appreciate you and our service to the world together. We lift each other up!!