Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 25

automation Apr 21, 2021

Hey everybody, this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG. And I'm excited to be back here with you for another episode of our blog, Marketing Runs Deep. Talking about something that is, one of those things that everybody, doesn't really realize. What makes a great business? We serve infopreneurs, people that are selling online courses or training. We should be speaking at some way shape or form but, glad you're here with me now.

One of the things that happen, is what makes a successful business. Especially what makes us successful info-business. When I've worked with dozens and dozens, dozens, I don't know if it's a hundred clients at this point, over the last seven years? But many, many clients and many network professionals, people that I know in the space that help with, online entrepreneurs. It's funny because, what separates a successful info business from one that doesn't, comes down to one critical thing.

I'll tell it to you, by way of a conversation I had with an entrepreneur. He had been working on his business and he does some really cool things for his clients. I don't want to get in all the details about his business, but I think it's really cool. It's unique. It's something that not everybody's doing, I think it's really cool. So he's doing what he does. I asked him, I said "Hey, what would you have done differently, knowing what you know now when you started? So if you knew what you know now, what would you do when you started?"

He said, "You know what? I would have had systems in place. I would have had something better, so that when people come in, it just works like it's like clockwork, like it should, and then produces the result that I'm after." He said a lot of a systems weren't set up prior to launching. So, that is what makes the difference between a successful info business and an unsuccessful info business. Don't get me wrong, I really prescribe to the notion, that is the perfectionist lie.

If you think it has to be perfect before you launch, you're never gonna get it done. Nothing that's out there that you do is perfect. It isn't. Because there's always something that you can do better, there's always something you can do that would enhance that thing that you created, right? If it's in the info space, your course, you're training, there's always something you could have done a little better, whether it's your lighting, whether it's the content, whether it's your marketing, there's always something you can do better, okay?

I'm not saying that it needs to be perfect in order to launch but I'm saying you need to have systems in place. Because this is what happens for a lot of infopreneurs: They figure out, they follow some guru that says, "Hey, follow this strategy!" They do it and they get some results. Maybe you made 10 grand, maybe even 50 grand, maybe you made something with your launch of your course, or your training and I think that's awesome.

You should pat yourself on the back and be proud of the work that you've created. I think that's awesome. What will keep you successful in the long term is systems. That is what the automation side of our business really sets up for people, is to have something in place that consistently produces a result. Now, this is the key: Every business wants to have a system that creates more income than what they put into it, right?

A successful business finds a way to offer a solution to people's problems in some way, shape or form. It creates a system that does that, and that equals more revenue and more opportunity at the back end. If you put $1,000 in it should equal $3,000 on the back end, right? After your costs and everything, if you create something, and you feed it with some ads, some traffic, and some things I'm doing to market my business, even if that's your time, your time is valuable and you should be getting paid for that.

If you're marketing your business, and you're hustling, and you're putting in the sales efforts, and you put in $1,000 worth of effort or actual money in your advertising, it needs to produce $3,000. I'm saying that's a baseline, I'm not saying that that's the only thing that could happen. If you're putting $1,000 and it's only making you $1,000, that's breaking even.

You're not making any extra money, so it needs to produce more. That's what a business does. If your business isn't creating that, or if you've created a way that you can put in $1,000, you make up $3,000 but it's not sustainable, that's a big deal. One of our clients right now is saying, "Look, I want staying power, I want something that I can create, that I'm gonna still be relevant in 10 years from now, and I'm gonna still be making money 10 years from now, and I'm gonna still have a following and still have a livelihood and things are gonna still be going 10 years from now, 20 years from now."

It's about staying power, and so that system makes a huge difference. Some of the systems we create are webinars, you know, you do lead magnets. It's this whole way of getting people in, learning about what you do, and then offering them a product that you have created. Then you serve them, you actually create something, change, transformation in people's lives, you do something that makes a difference in their life.

That's the system you create, but a lot of infopreneurs, get in and do something kinda messy, which is fine, and go hard and take action. I'd rather have an action taker than someone that needs to be perfect. I would always rather that. But, it's so messy that it doesn't produce a huge system. So it's like a clunkiness, you got in, I made $10,000. I didn't really like the way I made $10,000. So I'm gonna do it a little different over here.

You keep reinventing the wheel that you've created. You never have a solid system that you can produce the same thing each time. Every business that is like a multi-million dollar and billion-dollar business, knows a very straightforward process. We do X Y & Z actions to get people here, they take action, and then a portion of those people buy, and then a portion of those people that buy, end up doing this with us, and then, it's a whole system in place, to make sure you're making money.

So, this is maybe a little abstract, but it is something that I want you to think about in your business, what system do I have? Can I do something that's repetitive? Sometimes business owners, especially in the InfoSpace say, "I get so bored doing the same thing over and over and over." Well, that's what business is. If you haven't created a way to do something over and over and over and make the same amount of money, if not more money, time and time again, then you don't really have a business that's scalable.

You might have a fun business that produces some, and then you create some results and make some money. It's not something that's gonna scale to millions of dollars of revenue. So I hope that this is something that you will think about in your business, that you will create a system. Now there are little mini-systems within a system, right, that make it work. It's ultimately about pushing traffic to a place where they take action, then they buy, then you take care of them in such a way that they still want to work with you in the future or refer business to you.

There are partnership programs, all kinds of fun stuff you can do in your system. That's what businesses do but it is about, getting a repeatable system in place, before you build 25 systems on top of that, right? You might have a whole cog, but maybe you need to get the baseline two or three systems really ironed out first so that you're just rocking it. When you do that, you'll make it big. And that is just one small way to AutomateBIG.


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