Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 28

Hi everybody, it's Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG. And I want to show you today on the blog, how to get more out of your Facebook comments. So we're going to jump in on my screen and I'm going to actually show you one tactic that we've used over the past number of years. And the thing that I love to say about this the most is that this tactic that we used to utilize Facebook comments in a much better way than most people do actually outperformed a political figure that was giving a big speech the same day we were doing this.

So it's kind of funny that you look at what's going on in the world. And sometimes you're like, okay, well, how are they generating so many comments? Or how are people actually responding to all these comments? That's crazy. Well, there's a way to do that. And we like to use a tool called ManyChat.

Let's just jump in; I want to show you how to do this, so you can actually build this out for yourself. Cool thing is, free of charge. No matter how you are...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 9

social media May 05, 2020

Hey everybody, this is Bryan, CEO and founder of AutomateBIG and welcome to another episode of Marketing Runs Deep. I look forward to teaching you a little more about a favorite topic of mine that has expanded my world. You see, when I started my marketing career, I was very interested in marketing at a general level and then I got interested in tools, like technology you could use to be able to automate and make your marketing run, work for you very well.

When I got deep into that, I found, you can't just do the technology that I talk about or the technology spans quite a wide variety of systems of software. Still, at the same token, marketing automation to make you money and sales, there's this funny thing called social media that a lot of people have ignored and now no one can ignore. There are still businesses that do ignore it, which I think is interesting. I also understand that it's not an easy pill to swallow; there's a lot of work that has to go into your social media. I...

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