Digital Marketing- What is it?

What does a digital marketer do?

Good question!

At the simplest level, digital marketers attract customers through any or all digital channels. 

These channels include email, pay-per-click advertising, organic local search, SEO, video marketing, Facebook groups, content marketing… 

Wherever customers can be found online, digital marketers will be right there. They’ll be seeking to attract highly qualified leads for their business. 

Because digital marketing involves the full range of marketing activities, a digital marketer must provide a business the full range of marketing:

  • Traditional market research into needs and desires of prospective customers
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy 
  • Creating (and revising) a strategic plan 
  • Designing marketing campaigns 
  • Automating, creating and executing marketing campaigns 
  • Creative production, such as video, design, copy
  • Digital advertising – Pay Per Click (PPC), Display
  • Diverse...
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