Marketing Runs Deep- Episode 4

stategy Nov 18, 2019

Hey everybody,

This is Bryan Hatch, CEO and Founder of AutomateBIG and I'm looking forward to today's training on Marketing Runs Deep. It's a subject that has come up frequently when I've talked to other people and it's something I'm really excited to share with you. So I want to just jump right into it with kind of how this came about.

See, a little while ago I was talking with a buddy of mine, he runs his own business, I run my own business. We were talking about how we were progressing and how things were going. One of the things that we talked about were some of the tools that we were using. One of the things he asked me was, "Do you have a ring light?" Now, before you worry about this, this post is not sponsored by that company. I'm not saying you should or shouldn't get it, I'm not talking about any of that. What I am talking about is that concept of do you have a ring light?

Ring light, if you don't know what it is, is a little light that you put behind a camera like this to shoot videos and it puts light on your face and it's like a circle. My response to that was, "No, I don't, but I have my own setup and whatnot and how it works." But that concept just really dug into me and that thought just stayed with me for a long time.

It's something that I've noticed happen in a lot of businesses and it might be happening in yours. It's happened, quite frankly, in the past in mine. So I want to get you out ahead of this problem and learn how you can fix it and not have to stress out wasting a lot of time, because you are focusing on the wrong thing.

Now here's the concept that I want to just kind of give you, is that there is something that you are after in your business, right? Let's just call this the bullseye. This is what you're after. This is exciting, something important. This is revenue goals, this is creating a lifestyle for your family, your team. This is changing the world for your customers. Whatever that is, is the center bullseye, that's what you're after, that's what you really want to accomplish.

Now what I find in that question is the absence of focus. I've participated in many events, been to many trainings and actually seen that there are many people that are willing and want to make a change in their business. They want to create the marketing, they want to create the assets, they want to create the landing pages, they want to create the funnels, the campaigns, the ads, everything that makes their business run. Yet they go away from those different organizations or different events and they don't change everything they need to change.

That is the principle of today's message. In your business, what happens is when you ask questions like, "What is the lighting kit you're using, Bryan? Or what is the format?" The lights that I use to shine my face so you can see me, is so less important than actually sharing my message.

I've found that to be true, that I recognize that if I have great lighting, if I have great audio, if you can listen and hear me and hear my message, not just see fuzzy screen or terrible audio, I recognize that helps my message get to you. But ultimately, if I wait to share my message, because I don't have the lighting kit, if I don't have the mic, if I don't have all the things I think I need to have, then what I'm doing is I'm wasting your time, or I'm not serving you like I should have.

So think of, for example, you're watching this video now, if I would have created these a year ago, two years ago, could you have been further ahead? Potentially, if you would have found me and learned these principles earlier, you could have been further ahead, if I would have done the work, right? So I want you to think about, in your own business, what things are you focusing on outside of the bullseye that are just not important?

I find it very interesting that when we ask these experts, that have been doing these things, that I've worked with, that I find are fascinating and very great people, but they're getting questions like what lighting kit do you use? What do you wear in your videos? If you were focused on the real thing in your business, you wouldn't be asking that question.

That has been an epiphany in my business. So at a minimum, learn from me, that when I got focused on what I'm here to do to serve you, all this other stuff didn't matter. If you're hung up on if you don't like the way that my backdrop is or my lighting is, and that's preventing you from moving ahead towards what you need to do, what a bummer that you're letting those things get in the way of your progress in your business.

I've seen that happen for me. There are some people that will go buy a training or buy a thing or buy some new software and they'll act like that is the solution to their problem, when really it is being clear about how you are going to serve people and what you're going to do to change their world.

So I've gotten clear about that and that's what I'm here to help do for you. I am going to teach you and train you on how to get these things up, so your business is functioning the right way. How to get the landing pages up, how to get the ads up, how to get all these things dialed in, so that you are not beholden to some fictitious resistance. I don't want you to feel that.

I recognize that today is a little less on some of the tactics that I usually focus on. But man, I'm telling you, this has been a principle that has made a vast difference in my business, and I want it to change yours as well. So right now if you would write down what is one thing that you are focusing on out here that does not affect your bottom dollar, does not affect the world of your customer, does not affect how you're changing people's lives?

If you can find those things out right now and cut them out or not stress about them and just go, that's what you need to do. So my two principles today are look and find out what it is that's distracting you from the real thing. What I mean by that is, get clear on what you're doing to solve other people's problems. When you're clear on that, don't let anything else stop you from doing that thing. I'm not going to let lighting kits stop me from sharing this message to help you be a better entrepreneur, because you have better marketing in place. I'm not going to let that stop me. If that stops you, that's a bummer, but I'm not going to let it stop me.

Then secondarily, once you've identified those things, find ways to expunge them, get rid of them in your business. Optimize them, give them to somebody else. Do something, so that you're not worried about the menial things that don't make your business change the world for somebody else.

I love and appreciate business. I love marketing and I love what we can do to help people and serve them in a really profound way. Today's training on marketing was  just a small way to AutomateBIG.


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