Marketing Runs Deep- Episode 6

build it Apr 10, 2020

Hey everyone!

This is Bryan Hatch, CEO and founder of AutomateBIG, and I am excited about our training today. I mean we are going dive deep into some places that you probably have not been and a lot of other people won't go.

So, we are going to go into the details to help you set up some cool marketing campaigns. But first, as we get started here, I want to make sure that you recognize who this is for. I do not want to waste anybody's time, and I want to make sure that I am helping the people that want help.

So, first and foremost, if you are someone that is building a campaign, you know you need an online funnel, you know that you need something, digitally, to help you make sales, convert, and kick butt in your business, then you are in the right place.

If you are, maybe, working on, you have had a project or service for a while, and it has not quite hit its stride, you know that you can be doing better, then this is an excellent place for you to be as well, as we build up these marketing campaigns.

And maybe you are on a team, perhaps you are a person that works under a marketing team or whatever it is, and you are working on the next project or service for your company, then this is an excellent place for you to be as well.

And if you know you need to get outside of the referrals, like your business is generated and running on referrals, waiting for the people to give you a company in order for you to make money, and you want to get away and be able to control your own destiny as it is with your business, then this is a great place for you to be as well.

Now, just along with those that need to be here, there are people that do not need to be here. And I first want to just tell you, if you do not have a product or service to sell, you do not necessarily need to be watching this. This is not really going to help you because you need to have something to sell in order to use this training for your benefit, okay? The other thing is if you want something for nothing if you want some silver bullet strategy that does not require any effort, or you want someone else to do it for you and you do not want to do anything, then like do not come here. Go somewhere else. This is about getting it right and recognizing that marketing is not something that just appears and works instantaneously.

There are a lot of people out there that believe in Spider-Man. He is one of my favorite characters. But, here is the deal, you are not going to get bit by a spider all of a sudden, someday, and then everything is going to work out perfect for you. You have to realize that it is going to take effort and energy and practice, and so that is why we are here today. So, if you are ready to get trained and work on some things, here we go.

Now, what happens in the marketplace that I think is interesting, especially around marketing and generating online sales and online conversions, or conversions into a sales pipeline to talk to a sales rep, or whatever the case is, whether you have a product or a service, is that this is what they tell you. They tell you that, look, you need to build an opt-in. All right, so you have your opt-in here. Name and email, right? So, you build an opt-in. Sweet. And then you need to make sure you have a thank you page, right? Sweet. Thank you. Good. Thank you page. Or a confirmation page, right? Give them what they ask for. Sweet. Then, you build a check out page, right? 

So you build those pages, right? Wonderful. Now, you got to make sure you write an ad. Okay. So, write an ad. And, on whatever platform. There are many of them on digital platforms you can use. So, write an ad. Okay. Once you write that ad, make sure you launch that ad so it provides traffic up here, okay? In addition, just go ahead and write an email. Write a few emails, and make sure that it works for all of this. 

And what happens is when you are taught this kind of thing, that oh it is just easy, just build an opt-in page, and build a page like this, and have someone check out, I mean it is easy. Get people to come here, and then they are going to go here, and then they are going to make money and then you are going to just have a vacation of life in Hawaii for the rest of your life. Right? Although that sounds great and it is very simplistic and oh it is easy to teach, I have found that it is far, far, so far from the truth. And that is what I want to be able to get in and talk to you today about. Because if you have ever run one of these. If you have ever had a marketing team, or you have purchased some kind of a system from another marketing team or a contractor, you are wondering why when you ran traffic to it, it did not work out.

Probably wondering, after spending thousands of dollars on your ads, why aren't my conversions as good as they need to be? You know I have been there. I have felt that pain of spending thousands of your own dollars and saying wow, that did not even convert anything that we were after. It maybe got us some opt-ins, maybe got us some leads, but there was so low quality, it did not work out. Maybe you got lost in all these people's definitions of what you needed to do and they said whoa, use this software for this thing and use this plug-in for that thing and use this little tech tool for this thing. And so they boost your conversions. So, you got lost in all this software mumbo jumbo out there and you got lost at what you really needed to be focusing on in your business.

So, when that happened, you got frustrated and you stopped. Or, maybe you were like some of the other people that you could not finish this process because you have the I can do that attitude in your business. Where I can do it like this and then I can do it like that and yeah. It is kind of like shiny objects syndrome. Where you are always chasing after something new, and so you do not have a set thing you do for their people. SO, it made it very difficult, it is like you are a moving target. So, when you tried something like this, you said it did not work. Digital marketing does not work. Ads do not work. Whatever it is. When those frustrations hit you, and I have been there, what do you do?

You go back to your default. You go back to what is easier in your business. Maybe what you were doing is relying heavily on referrals. So, then you start taking more people out to lunch and having them generate referrals for you. And that is not a bad thing. I am not naysaying that you shouldn't do that. But, I am saying that you went back to what is easy for your business, and you negated the digital marketing that could really change your world and change your business.

So, I want you to make sure you understand that today, we are going to be working on exactly what you need to build to create a successful marketing campaign. I want you to hear that very clearly. We are going to go through everything you need to make a successful marketing campaign run well. Okay? There are a lot of details. I am not going to lie. We are going to be going into some pretty deep details here today. But, I am also going to make use of your time wisely.

Now, as we go through this if those that want to stay until the end and actually go through my training, I have a special gift for you and I want to make sure that you get that. So, just stay until the end. You are going to learn some really cool things about this process. So that you do not have to feel this frustration and go back to what is default and what is easy for you, and actually focus on the strategies that are going to make you life-changing money in your business. This goes along no matter if you have a product or a service, if you are a new team or if you are an old team, because I have worked with different people in different places, and I have seen the results come, no matter what position you are in, in your business.

So, here is the deal. When you are building these types of campaigns, and you are doing this type of work, you have to realize that the people that are out there that you are trying to push or promote. The grand majority of them, one they do not know you, two they do not get you, and three they do not trust you. You need to make sure that you understand your audience.

Now, you might be thinking who the heck is Bryan Hatch and why is he talking to me about this? Well, I have been the guy behind the scenes, pushing the buttons and pulling the levers for many entrepreneurs, phenomenal entrepreneurs, that are in this business, like Brendan Burchard, Dean Graziosi, Chris and Heidi Powell, I could go on and on about who I have been able to work with, Larry King, and other huge businesses.

But, I have also worked with businesses that you do not know who they are. You have never heard of them, but they are doing some really cool things. I have learned from my failures, I have learned from my successes, and I want to make sure that you can learn from what I have had to go through and not have to stress about the other things. Here is the problem, I have seen so many people just like you say I am going to build the stuff, I am going to build the page, I am going to create the digital marketing assets, I am going to create what I need to, I am going to get after this in my audience, I am going to start posting on social media. And you know many of you actually get it done? Less than ten percent.

In my experience, less than ten percent of the people that say I am going to do this actually go and do this. So I am so sick of seeing people fail and struggle. I am telling you, I have worked with millionaire businesses that are still learning from mistakes, still learning from failures that they are doing, that they are working on. I want to make sure that you do not have that same problem.

Now, one thing that you need to note is that this training is different than what you have seen in other places. I know we are going to get into it in just a moment. But, I am telling you, what most people give you is that real high-level overview crap that does not help you get from where you are to where you need to be in your marketing. So, if you have been to online training, this is different. This is not the same, because we are going to dive in, in just a moment here to teach you all of the things you need to do to have a successful marketing campaign. Okay?

Now, that is important to know. But, I want you to know why I have come down this path. You know I have had campaigns that we did not get the messaging right. We did not even remotely get the messaging right, and it cost us dearly. I mean, I have lost relationships, I have lost friends, and I have lost business because of that messaging piece. In particular, one business was really, really difficult and that messaging really made a difference and cost us a lot of money.

Now, in another business that was very successful, working very well, they wanted to create a new product or service, and we spent a little bit more than thirty thousand dollars in efforts to create a new product or service, and that was a big failure. I mean we had to scrap the whole thing after learning what we learned about the audience. Because the audience did not make the change, couldn't make the ship from where we were, to where we wanted to go. So that audience was a huge problem. You have messaging problems out there and you have audience problems out there.

The other thing that happens is sometimes when we use the wrong tactics. I have had another business that we worked on getting people to a live webinar and we do that consistently over months. Month after month after month. And that was a difficult process because they did not know who they were and that tactic did not work for that particular business. So, between your message, your audience, and the tactics out there, you get a lot wrong in this process. So, I want to make sure we are jumping in to help you get there.

Now, I have also had successes. I am not just the one time only failure guy here. I have had campaigns that we have run and gunned. In four months, we made 1.4 million dollars for one of our clients. I have had another product that we worked on, a different tactic, a different strategy there, within the marketing campaign. It launched, over 4 million dollar launch and 1.7 of that came from just one little shift in the tactics that we used in that campaign.

So, there are a lot of successes that I have been able to be a part of and created. Launches have been very successful. And, another company, which is not very big, in a year's time 150k. And that was really, really life-changing for them. So, there are different levels of success, but it all comes down to you getting this right.

So, let us jump right in. So, the first place we want to start in this building of your marketing assets and digital campaign is your sales page. There are many places we can work on and start. But, again, if you do not have something to sell, you are in the wrong place.

If you do, this is the first place we want to start, is your sales page. I am making this big on purpose, but I want to make sure you know that I do not really care where you are building this. I have preferences, there are places that I like more than others. But, if you have a software or a webpage builder that creates a sales page that can put buttons on it, you are good to go. We're not looking for like, you have to have a special set of tools or software. You can do this by creating a sales page that is just like on your WordPress site, this is on any Page Builder that you can have.

Now, the sales page is very important. I'll put this, let's see. Right here. Headline. Okay? On your sales page, you want to make sure that your headline connects to the pain points of your audience. Okay? There is a little bit of the required work that you do through your audience, as I have talked about. But, your headline has to connect with the pain points of the people you are serving. Meaning, what are the frustrating things that they are going through that you need to capture and put here. A headline that says we are open for business. Not good on a sales page. If you have a headline that says did you know that we are cool? Not a good headline. The headline needs to capture and hook them in, in a way that connects with their pain.

So, something they are frustrated with, something that is not going well that obviously what you are doing on your sale. Like your products or service that you are selling to them solves for them. Then, you need to make sure that headline is very clear there. Again, it needs to focus on the pain or the frustration of your ideal or target audience. Okay? So, this headline is a key and critical component. You can find some headline generators online. Some of them are pretty good, some of them are pretty bad. If you just Google that, you will find some headline generators out there that will give you an idea.

But, you can think of through like the tabloids. Like, the three ways to do this, or the five ways to do that. Those things are helpful, but if those things do not also touch on the pain point of your audience, then that headline is not going to serve you. Like, generic headlines are not going to work if you are selling something. All right? Now, in the headline, that is the first piece that you want to make sure you do. The second part is that you have benefits.

Benefits are not what everybody thinks. You need to make sure you clearly state how your thing that you are going to sell them benefits their life. Right? If you have a physical or very well known product, like a shoe or something like that, like everybody knows what shoes are, so it is not hard to say the good. You know. In most, you'll probably find out that most shoe companies do not talk much about the benefits because they assume you already know the benefits of having shoes. But, they still want to talk about the benefits of their particular shoe. Maybe it is for orthotics, or for running, or perhaps it is for something else, different. Right?

But, you want to talk about the benefits to your customer. How is their life going to be improved? How is their life going to be better? How is their stress going to go down? What are the benefits that you could offer them? Okay? That has got to be on your sales page. You have to focus. Anywhere you want to tell them about what it is or how cool it is, no. Focus on how it is going to benefit their life, and you'll be better.

Now, as part of that, you also want to look at the proof. Okay. Proof, meaning that you need to have some kind of social proof. This is one of the reasons why Amazon took off as it did. You could say that I love this product, you could review it, and then now it has got five stars or four stars, and now other people are going to be like oh I trust other people that have already used this, like it, I am probably going to like it too.

So, you need to have proof on your page in a way that shows testimonials. People that like you, love you, that have experienced your worth. That has done something with you. Or have experienced your product. Right? You want to make sure you have some type of proof on this page and, I will tell you, even if you do not have perfect proof, like by way of testimonials, you can one, call and get people to check out your stuff for free, and then have them give you a review as payment. Right? That is really cool.

But, secondarily, you could also do like an as seen on. Like, if your proof says that you were on a show or you were featured in this magazine, or you were whatever it is, you can use that as proof as well if you don't have actual testimonials from human beings, which are still preferred.

Another one that you need to put on this page that a lot of people forget is objections. Objections. So, objections, you need to make sure that you are addressing people's objections. Okay? There are a number of reasons why people won't buy your products or services. You need to know your target customer, why they wouldn't, and how to tell them why it is okay. Right?

So, if you are expensive, you need to be able to explain like we are expensive because we work with high end or you know more of those luxury brands or whatever it is. Or if someone says I cannot do this, I do not have the time to do this, okay you need to explain to them that, actually, if you do not make time for it now, you are going to do triple the amount of effort in the future. Right? You have to explain the top three or a couple of objections that people have for your product or service and make sure that it is on your sales page. Okay? So, make sure that you outline what the objections of people are for your products or service. Okay?

Now the next piece of this is controversial, scarcity. Now, a lot of these tactics can be used inappropriately, and a lot of people will use these tactics and these pieces inappropriately. I am all about authenticity, I am about people like you that want to change the world, at least change your customer's world by giving them something that is going to be helpful and beneficial to their life. Right? So, scarcity is an important one. What I mean by scarcity is, if there is a limited number of them, like a product that is helpful, because then people feel like I do not want to miss out. Right? That is helpful. Now, if you are faking that, if you actually have thousands of units of product and you are telling them I only have ten, in my opinion, that is straight-up lying. That is not cool marketing. You are one of the people that makes marketing bad for people.

But, I am talking about scarcity in real factors. For example, if you only have so many appointments that people can book. Right? Like a sales rep's calendar, if that is what you are selling. Right? Scarcity can really, really work well. Say like we only have a few appointments, or we only have so many hours to be able to do this, or we have an upcoming training state when it starts. Right? There is a real, true scarcity and you have to make sure there is a countdown or something that lets them know like you have got to take action right now. Okay? So that is important that they have scarcity on the page.

Now, independent of that as well, you want to make sure you have a guarantee. Probably did not spell that right, but that is okay. Guarantee. Everybody that is used to it now, in the marketplace, that there's a guarantee. You can return everything on Amazon, you can return things in the store. No matter what you buy, you can return it and get your money back.

You need to make sure you are doing the same thing. So, if you are selling something and you are not giving people a guarantee, they can, at a minimum, get their money back, then we are not in good graces. So, make sure you have a guarantee on your page. Whatever it is. Third-day money-back guarantee. You know, whatever it is you want to be able to do and you are good from there.

I recommend having a bonus. People want to get more than just what they are told they were going to get. Right? So, make sure you have a bonus on your page as well because that will then give people an added incentive to take action now. With the scarcity and guarantee combined, you are in good graces here.

What you need to do is make sure you have each one of these elements on your sales page to make sure your digital marketing campaign in its entirety works well, starting with the sales page. The next step in your digital marketing campaign is you need to make sure it is rocking and rolling.

After we have talked about the sales pages, we come now to the lead magnet. Now, I am not talking about the opt-in page, I am talking about the lead magnet. A lead magnet is what you are giving somebody in return for their name and their email, or maybe their phone number, contact information in some way, shape, or form. Maybe you are shipping them something out. Right? But a lead magnet is what you are giving in order to get contact information and find a new lead. Like this is how do we find the right people?

Now, you can do this wrong and get a lot of problems. This is probably what you have had happened in the past is you had the wrong lead magnet that got droves of people in, but they were not quality people. So, none of them bought. So, why would you ever want to have thousands of leads that never convert? As opposed to hundreds of leads that do convert. Right? Now, obviously you want both, probably, but in the same token, I want to make sure that we are focusing on your lead magnet.

Now, the number one thing you want to make sure is in your lead magnet is value. Okay? What I am meaning by that is that you want to make sure that you are adding value to their life, and here is the crux, in a way that your competitors won't even touch. Okay? Like, most of your competitors won't even give away X, they won't even do Y, like whatever it is in your business. You need to find those things that you have that are going to be valuable, it is got to be one of your gold nuggets. Something really good to you.

If you do not give something good to them, it is going to be crap and free and just like everything else out there in the marketplace, it is like hey give me your name and email and I will give you this blah. And this blah does not change lives, and you do, and your business will. So, let's make sure that that is valuable and very different than your competitors. I am saying go deeper, do more. Send a book, send something in the mail, give them something of value, give them something bigger. That is important.

Now, number two. A very important thing that you want to make sure you remember in the lead magnet stage here, is that you need to connect it with your end product or service. Okay? So your end product or service, whatever that is, the lead magnet needs to connect very easily to it.

It cannot feel disjointed, right? It cannot feel like you are teaching people how to create paper airplanes and then you are selling them shoes. Like, what? Like lead magnet has to connect with your end product. I know that sounds, maybe, like simple, but so many people do not do that correctly. Their lead magnet does not connect well with their ultimate offer. So, make sure that is the case. Okay?

Another thing you need to make sure that you are taking care of in your lead magnet is instant gratification. We live in a world where people expect to get what you have for them right now. It is really difficult for people to forget. It is every day. People see thousands of messages, are distracted by thousands of marketing pieces. Whether you know that or not, that is true. So, they do not always remember everything they're doing.

So, when you give them something, you need to give it to them now. If you do not do that, they will forget about you and likely you won't come up again in their feed or in their email inbox for days or weeks, which is very bad for your business. So make sure you are giving them instant gratification.

Now, a couple of really great examples of lead magnets that I like right now in the marketplace are challenges. Give them a challenge, like do something, if you have a service especially, give them the challenge to do something for five days, or three days, or seven days and work with them to be able to improve. Right? So, whatever it is that they're having frustrations around, give them a challenge and give them valuable content that allows them to get better. Right?

But, other things that are really cool on lead magnets are just differences from other people. That is like sending people physical products. Send them stickers, or a box, or send them something that is valuable to them. Right? But, that is just different. Okay? If you do that, if you get people in and give them a valuable piece of content, your lead magnet will be awesome. So, just remember that. You have to feel your lead magnet is awesome because if you do not think it is awesome, they won't either.

So, as you are going through your digital marketing campaign here and getting every one of these pieces hooked in so you could actually launch and make it work this time, one other piece that is really important is the opt-in page. Now, we have talked about the sales page. While there are going to be some share over similarities here, this is your opt-in. How is that? Opt-in. Okay?

Your opt-in is the page where people are going to go and see where they can give their name and email to get something from you. That lead magnet we just talked about. Right? So, here's another thing that is is really important. I know we talked about it before, but it is the headline. Okay.

The headline at the top of this page, I mean, it is equally important on the sales and on the opt-in page that we really hit the pain point within our headline. Like, hear me clearly guys. I have done a page like this where we got done and the headline was there, we launched it, and we tried it and it did not work. When we got the pain point hooked in here to a very deep level, it was better.

Pain point, meaning something that you normally look is wrong. Or, something that you are used to seeing is wrong. Or, people are telling you lies. Or, this problem is affecting more than just your heart. Whatever it is, you need to hook your headline into some curiosity factor. Something that is like whoa what is that? But, also you want to focus on making sure that you are talking about the pain point of your ideal customer.

This is the opt-in page, but the sale page is very similar, right? So, you want to make sure you are doing that. Each of the elements we talked about on the sales page could be applicable here. But, typically you do not need your opt-in page to be as long, you do not need to be as drawn out.

Your sales you need to go through a lot of objections, you need to go through a lot of copy. In my opinion, it usually works better even if you have some subsets in your sales page.

This opt-in page can be shorter. So, I want to make sure that you have proof of here of some kind. We talked a little bit more about what that was, I want you to go back to that part of the training if you want to review it. But, you do need proof. Okay? These are testimonials, this is something that teaches people that like you are not a fly-by-night company. You are legitimate. You are awesome, and somebody else thinks you are awesome beside you.

Obviously you think you are awesome. Obviously I think I am awesome. But, you have to believe that, and your customer or the person that is hitting this page has to believe that as well. And, knowing again, they do not know you, they do not get you, and they do not trust you.

So, if you do not figure that out on this page, you are going to be in deep doo-doo after that. So, you want to make sure you have proof on this page. Okay?

Then, the other thing that is important that was on the other page as well is benefits. You must have your benefits drawn out here in a way that, maybe they're just simple, three bullet points of what benefits people are going to get from, not your end sales part. This is what they are going to get benefit from your opt-ins, your lead magnet that we just talked about.

So, whatever the thing is you are going to give them, what is the benefit of them having that? If you cannot define the benefit of your lead magnet, you need to start at the lead magnet and work on that again. Okay? So, the benefit has to be really clear on this page. There are other elements that work on this page that are helpful. There are other tools you can use, there are other little tchotchkes things that can help your conversions. Right.

But this is what you need to do. Focus on this, make sure you have proof, and focus on the benefits and you will be in a lot better state than you are right now with your opt-in page.

This can be built on any platform. WordPress, Wix, Weebly, like any kind of site that you have out there, this will do and this will work out really well. You just got to make sure you have a name and an email that you can pop in.

People ask me, do I need to have a, and you need to, called action. Okay. So, a called action. But I am saying, what do you want that button to do? You can have either a pop-up and ask them for their name and email, that is my preferred method. As opposed to asking them for their name and email on this page.

I find conversions go better if I let it pop up first, and then ask them to give me their name and email. Rather than having name and email on this page. Preference. Recommend it. Check it out.

So, now that you have each of the pieces of what you need to create for your digital marketing campaign here, we want to make sure we put it together with some glue. Okay?

So, you already have your opt-in page. You have that worked out. You got that at least understood now, and you have a lead magnet, which is your confirmation page. You are giving them something instantaneously for what they have asked for. Then, you have a checkout or a sales page, that then takes them to a check out where they can order and pay online or pay their credit card. Or, you might have a separate called action. Instead of it being from your sales page, it might not be a checkout page, it might be book an appointment to talk to me or my sales team or whatever the case is. So, those are synonymous here. But, that is kind of the flow you have got.

Now, how do we get that to all to work together? Here is the piece that is really important to just know, okay? Is that you need to connect that with emails. I'll recommend creating emails in buckets of three.

So, if someone opts-in, gives your their name and email and they do not make it to the sales page or do not buy the thing you want them to buy, or book a consultation with you or whatever, then you need to make sure you have three emails that say book a consultation or buy now. Whatever it is. Makes sense?

Those three emails need to focus on where they have been. Talk to the audience about the pain points they have and go from there. Makes sense? The other part that is really important is ads. How are you going to be able to get traffic to this page, okay? So, your advertising is really extremely important because of that opt-in page. Way over here, you need to have people's eyeballs on it in order to get opt-ins. Right?

If you send a personal text message to everybody you know, that is only so many people. But you need to be able to use advertising, and I recommend looking at a platform that works for your audience. So there is some research to do on that. But different audiences are better for different types of products. If you have Instagram, Facebook, right, YouTube, great places to advertise, but each one does a little different thing. I recommend looking at that.

But, you need to have traffic, you need to have eyeballs going there to see it. If you'll pick the right platform, you will do a whole lot better.

At this stage of the game, I want to make sure that you understand that I know you have been here for a little bit. You've gone through and learned some things. We are not quite done, but I want to make sure you understand and see that I want to give you real, true value. I do not want to just give you theoretically, like, try to do this. Even then, I cannot go into extreme detail on each one of these things because I know you only have so many minutes of your day that you are going to actually dedicate to watching this. I want to make sure it is good for you as well.

So, at this point you have done some work, you have learned some things. But, I want you to see how this puts it into practice. I had a client not too long ago that was launching a brand new product. Never done, never had done it before. They wanted to launch it. So, what we did is we created this exact digital marketing campaign, we focused on the audience, we focused on the message that we had to them, we really understood who they were and why they were. Then we launched this exact process. Exactly.

What happened was we got a lot of success really quickly. I mean within thirty days, we had several hundred people, several thousand people that were in, but several hundred people that were in the program, that actually bought. That was just a brand new product. Yes, it was a team that had been existent, you know they had some sort of a following, but it was not a big following. It was not even over 20000 people.

So, know that it does not have to have a massive product or massive following in order to make these things work. But, if you do it you could actually make some really big changes in your business by following the process the right way.

To build a digital marketing campaign online today takes a whole lot more than what everybody else is willing to admit. It is a whole lot more effort and energy to build a create the page as necessary and work on all the tiny, minute details of those pages to make sure they convert well, they work well.

You get lost in all the different ideas that gurus have out there. A loss in all the tech platforms you could use to help boost conversions. It is just a lot to take in. So, if you want to get it right, I want to introduce you to my new BUILD-IT series.

This is a series of phases that I actually go through, with you, live to work with you and build it. We actually build it. It is not an online course that says hey try it, figure it out. I know that so many people have risen their hands and said I want to fix this in my business. I am sick of launches digital campaigns that do not work or running ads that do not work. We are getting lost in tech and learning fifty different software platforms to be able to make my business work.

I have seen that pain just diminish a business owner, even those that are successful, in a new campaign or something else that they are trying to work on because they are focusing on the wrong things. And because they said I am going to do this and they never get to it. So, this series is literally a step by step approach to getting it done. You're doing that with me, live, as opposed to it being some online platform where you do not get feedback. You do not understand if it is good or not good. So, we are going to go through that.

Now, a lot of people say, well Bryan look. I just do not have time to get on. I do not have time to get and learn this and go through this with you. Well, do you not have time? How many more times are you actually going to launch a campaign that does not work? How many more times are you going to spend thousands of your own dollars, of your businesses' dollars and not get the payoff you are looking for? Or not get life-changing money and results that you are looking for.

How many more times are you going to do that to yourself? If you do not make time now, how are you ever going to get the time that you want to spend with your family, with your friends, with the things you want to do in life, instead of the grind of making your business work?

Now, some other people say that hey I just wanted my team to do this. Well, perfect. If you have a team that can do this, then have your team show up on the call. Have your team be there to learn. That way we can take care of individual concerns and questions right there on the training, as we go through each phase of how to build a digital marketing campaign the right way.

That way you get feedback, your team gets what they need, and you do not have to be involved if you do not want to be. So, if your team is going to do this and you feel like that is the case or you are wondering about that, then that is a great way to do this.

The other thing is that some people come to me and say look Bryan, I just want somebody else to do this. I do not want to look at it, not my team. I want to pay somebody else to do this.

Now, I have been in the digital marketing campaign space for a long time. I have been a contractor to work with some really great brands and some great people over the years. I will tell you what. The ones that are involved in their business, the ones that actually get in and dive in and learn least the foundational piece of their business on the marketing side, win.

Even the CEO that does not really want to be the marketing guy, if he dives in and learns what I am teaching here, that guy has made massive shifts in his business. I have seen it happen for businesses' I have run with.

I want to make sure you understand that if you do not want to be touching this, this is still a great program for you because you will learn the foundation that will allow you to speak it clearly so that the campaign is built correctly. I want to make sure that you get that right.

What is the BUILD-IT series? It is five phases of live interaction with me to go over a digital marketing campaign in its entirety to make sure you can launch and scale.

Now, the five phases you will be jumping into is number one, is your sales page and your checkout page. We will be diving in for two straight hours to teach you and train you about what needs to happen. You will have homework ahead of time. You will be able to go through and actually create, build the page, build the sales page, build the checkout page so that you can launch it for your business. There is no page that is more important to business than their sales page and their checkout page. That is why we do that first.

The second phase of the process is to go through your lead magnet. Now, as we talked about, lead magnets are what you give up in exchange for contact information for a person. So, that lead magnet needs to really be tailored to your audience. So, we dive into that for another two hours, live, to go over any feedback you have and actually accomplish your lead magnet. Make sure it is built out.

The third piece of this program is to work on your opt-in page. We need to dive in and make sure your opt-in page has the right message, to get to the right audience. If you do not get the right audience, you do not get the right message, then you will get a lot of leads that do not ever convert into sales. I want to make sure we get that in phase three.

Phase four, we dive into the email sequence and the automation to make sure that everything is being followed up with that will work for your business so that you do not have to stress about some manual person pushing buttons, but they are actually getting followed up within an automated way to take care of your prospects. The people that are looking to buy.

The fifth phase, as we dive into your ads and your traffic. We really make sure that we got the ads dialed in. We create ads. Like, we are actually doing this. This is not a training program that you are going to listen to me speak about things. Even, like, you may have seen from me in the past and you go do it. No, we are doing it together.

When you do these five phases, you will be able to complete a successful digital marketing campaign and I am excited to have you in there. Now, the total price on that, to be able to get in. Now, we have sold this same piece for over six thousand dollars. But, when we look at each of those pieces, it comes out to 5200 dollars, total value, to go through each one of those five phases.

Now, I want to make sure that we are getting you access to this in a good way, in a positive way that actually gives you what you are after, for a price point that you can stomach. What we are going to do is we are going to cut it by 48 percent and the whole thing, the absolute whole series is 2497 dollars.

That comes out to just under 500 dollars per phase to build out your whole digital marketing campaign. I mean that is a massive value because these assets are there, perpetually, forever for you to just keep shoving traffic to and making money. So, for less than 3000 dollars, you get a whole marketing campaign.

But, guess what? I am going to do better than that because I want to make sure you are seeing this in doses because I recognize you might not know me or recognize who I am or what I have done. What I am going to do is, today, I am going to give you a special price that if you pick one phase that is most valuable to your business at this time.

Whichever phase is like I really got to nail that, I really got to dial that in right now, I am going to give you that one phase for 147 dollars. That is a massive value. What we have given this to other clients, they would kill me to see this, that we are giving it to you for such a cheap opportunity to be able to build it with us.

I want to make sure that you know that I am going to be there for you every step of the way. That you are going to get live feedback here, you are going to get homework, you are going to get this process actually built instead of thinking about it. Instead of wondering if it was good. I am going to give you that stats, I am going to give you the details, all the little minute details that is just no easy way to do that in a quick five or ten-minute video. I want to make sure you are getting that value and it is making a difference in your business.

Now I know that you have a lot going on in your business. I am not naïve to that fact and you have a lot to do, and you have a lot to accomplish. If you want to build a marketing campaign as I have outlined here. But you have to realize that there are so many people that are waiting for you. What I mean by that are there are people that need your products or service that will change their life, that it will make a difference in their life.

If you do not get your marketing right on a digital front, you are going to be left so far behind it is going to be laughable in three years from now.

I am so sick of seeing businesses work their tail off And I am saying, I have got people that are making millions of dollars but they are only making it because of their referrals or they are only making it because of some lead flow that is coming in that they do not control. I want to make it so you have control over your business. There are so many thousands of business owners out there that I have seen raise their hand and say I want to fix this in my business. I want to create a marketing campaign that is going to work for my company and make me money in a different way than I have ever made before.

There are so few of those businesses that actually go and do it. They might go to a marketing campaign, they might go to a marketing team, they might go to an agency and say help me do this. But, then they do not engage and they do not get it done. I am going to help you get it done. We are going to get it done.

There are business owners that we have worked with in the past that have never had this opportunity. They have had to go through our high prices and big projects. I mean tens of thousands of dollars to go through this, and you get to go through a single-phase for 147 dollars. I am really excited for you to get in there and be a part of this with us.

We are going to change your business. We are going to change how you change the lives of the customers you have. So, what I am going to do in addition to what I have already done, I am going to give you two extra bonuses on top of all the phases. You get to pick one of them for 147 dollars right now.

But, I am also going to give you the ultimate guide to your audience message, which is a framework to teach you how to get your message right and how to make sure you are tackling and talking to the right audience in a way that performs better for your marketing. I am also going to give you a workbook that teaches you the anatomy of an email, so you can get your emails up to speed, even though a lot of people think that emails are dead, that is where the money is made, is still in email marketing and to make sure that you are getting that right.

So, what you are going to get, I want to remind you. Phase one, you get, that is the checkout page, your sales page. Worth 1040 dollars. You are going to get phase two, which is your lead magnet. That is worth 1040 dollars. The third one is your opt-in page. We are going to be diving into that deep. That is 1040 dollars value. Then you go into the emails, which is phase four. And we are going to go into your ads and traffic, phase five.

Those are live trainings with me, to be able to go over what needs to happen for your business and you will be able to get access to me, right there. Feedback, right there, live. We are going to go through that process in a couple of hours, each one of those phases. That is the whole phase, right?

Now, I am going to give you the added bonuses that I just mentioned, and I am also going to let you, today though, you get to pick one of these phases, instead of paying 2497 dollars like other people have to do. You can pick one of the phases for 147 dollars. So you can try it, get an idea of how it is going to work for your business. I will show you how it can make a massive change to your business. That way, change the life of your business and your customer's lives forever.

I know we can do that. All you've got to do is sign up below. My name is Bryan Hatch, CEO and founder of AutomateBIG, and today's training is just another small way to AutomateBIG.



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