Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 18

campaigns Jul 14, 2020

Hello, this Bryan Hatch, Founder of AutomateBIG and I want to jump into another episode of Marketing Runs Deep, Frequently Asked Questions Sessions.

You see when I'm out there talking to people and people are asking me "What the heck do you do? What is AutomateBIG all about?" I get the same few questions and I want to make sure that I explain that to you. One of the questions I get asked most often is like "Oh, okay, you're the funnel guy, you do marketing campaigns. So, what's the best one? What's the most profitable one for me?" And I love that question. But it also depends on the kind of business you have. So there is an answer, but I want to break this down into the three quick segments.

There are online trainings, info products that people can buy and consume online. There are service-based businesses like we are a service-based business in some part of our organization, where if you come to us and say "I want you to do this for me", then we are services to you, but it's still an online product. But there's also service-based businesses that you go out to someone's house and fix something or do something, right. That's a service-based business as well. And there are physical products.

There are three different answers to that, but I want to look at a holistic approach. What is the best, most profitable funnel or marketing campaign? It really comes down to your best offer. You want to get people into your core, most common best, and profitable offer. So that's where you need to start. But I will say that in lead generation efforts to get them there, my favorite tactic by far, is a webinar minus the physical products, but for the first two categories, a webinar works phenomenally well. Now, I don't think of and I don't treat a webinar like some traditional people look at a webinar. For example, if you go sign up for a webinar and you put in your name and email address and it's "live", and then you get on there and it's not live.

That's not what I'm talking about. Even though that does categorize itself, it's part of a webinar, I get it. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm saying a webinar is simply this. You have something to train people on and teach them. The "five tips" or "the biggest things to avoid" or whatever it is, if you're in services-based or you do online products or training online, then you should be able to teach somebody something that they need to know that leads them into your next offer. So the webinar has two parts, it teaches them something and it offers something else at the end. So at the end of the webinar, you're saying, buy this thing from me, right? Or if you have a sales team, then you say at the end of the webinar, get on the phone with our team, that's the point of the webinar.

I love that because you are genuinely giving value and you're returning and getting people into your core offer, for the money, right? That's a great way to be able to do that. So as far as the best funnel, the best marketing campaign, the webinar does a great job. The webinar should get you to know the audience, the audience should get to know you and feel like "Oh man, I know this person a little bit." That's important.

You can do that in many different ways. There are different ways to do that via ads, and formulas, and all kinds of fun stuff that we do. But at a baseline level webinar, I absolutely love that type of marketing campaign. If you have physical products, and if you do online training, that is pretty ubiquitous, like a low price offer, right? So if it's something under $49, then what you can do is send people to a page, directly to your sales page, and then retarget them. It's not that complicated, in my opinion.

If you have a physical product, you need to have a page that explains how awesome the product is. And the button next takes them to a checkout page. Now some people will argue with me and say, "Well, you could just put the sales page on that same page. Why have the click in the middle?" I'm not a big fan of not having a click, I like to have a click. That's part of a campaign. For example, if someone sees the page of a product, and they click to the next page, right? Well, now I can Pixel and target the people that hit this page, the people hit this page may or may not be interested in what I'm doing. But the people that hit this page over here, I know that they're interested, because why would they go look at it. I'm not saying they're all going to buy. But I'm saying that's a better audience to work and target and to do something with as far as a marketing campaign or a funnel.

If you have something that's simple, straightforward, get someone to go to the sales page. I like that option. Some people will add another component to that which I'm not a big fan of, an opt-in, and then go to the sales page. But if it's a low price offer, they don't need a whole lot of training. People don't need 50 minutes to learn something to go buy something for 10 bucks, they just don't.

As far as to get lead generation efforts, those are my favorite marketing campaigns that we run, that we've created, that we've monitored and managed and maintained for a lot of gurus over the last several years. If you are using one of those formulas, you're going to get some really massive value, which is really cool. And if you want to learn a little more about how to implement these funnels and these marketing campaigns in a better and more specific and effective way, then go ahead and comment below. And let me know and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

We want to serve and help business owners out there that are trying to get ahead. I know how it feels to be up against the bricks and feel like "Man, just nothing's working." And I want to be a guy in your hip pocket that can help and have  AutomateBIG be a solution that can help your business grow. So I love that you've paid attention. Hopefully you'll take these tactics and seriously do something with them instead of just listening to my words. This is just one small way to AutomateBIG.



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