Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 26

campaigns strategy Apr 30, 2021

Hey everyone, this is Bryan Hatch founder of AutomateBIG, and I'm excited about what we're gonna talk about today. Because in the world, there are a lot of infopreneurs. Now that's a term that I like to use. Business owners that are in the knowledge commerce space is another one, or edupreneurs is something that a lot of people use nowadays.

What I find interesting about the infopreneur or the eudpreneur space, is that it's growing. I've seen multiple articles from different reputable places and I'll make sure that I put the link to those resources in this video here, but I want to make sure that you understand, there's a massive opportunity happening in that space. Over the last five years, I've really seen that a transition to online courses is everybody's jam.

You've got your Udemys, your Skillshares, your MasterClasses. There are people that are creating courses online and they're housing these platforms. Now those big platforms are generating millions of dollars in course...

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Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 18

campaigns Jul 14, 2020

Hello, this Bryan Hatch, Founder of AutomateBIG and I want to jump into another episode of Marketing Runs Deep, Frequently Asked Questions Sessions.

You see when I'm out there talking to people and people are asking me "What the heck do you do? What is AutomateBIG all about?" I get the same few questions and I want to make sure that I explain that to you. One of the questions I get asked most often is like "Oh, okay, you're the funnel guy, you do marketing campaigns. So, what's the best one? What's the most profitable one for me?" And I love that question. But it also depends on the kind of business you have. So there is an answer, but I want to break this down into the three quick segments.

There are online trainings, info products that people can buy and consume online. There are service-based businesses like we are a service-based business in some part of our organization, where if you come to us and say "I want you to do this for me", then we are services to you, but it's still...

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