Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 26

campaigns strategy Apr 30, 2021

Hey everyone, this is Bryan Hatch founder of AutomateBIG, and I'm excited about what we're gonna talk about today. Because in the world, there are a lot of infopreneurs. Now that's a term that I like to use. Business owners that are in the knowledge commerce space is another one, or edupreneurs is something that a lot of people use nowadays.

What I find interesting about the infopreneur or the eudpreneur space, is that it's growing. I've seen multiple articles from different reputable places and I'll make sure that I put the link to those resources in this video here, but I want to make sure that you understand, there's a massive opportunity happening in that space. Over the last five years, I've really seen that a transition to online courses is everybody's jam.

You've got your Udemys, your Skillshares, your MasterClasses. There are people that are creating courses online and they're housing these platforms. Now those big platforms are generating millions of dollars in course sales. There are some core platforms that you sell and you buy courses for like 15, 17 bucks, or $99 or a thousand dollars, depending on where you are. There are other custom-built platforms that are more along the lines of your own thing.

I would say Udemy, Skillshare, that's more like Amazon where you can get a platform that already has a lot of people creating courses there. You go put yours on there and people can find you. Whereas there are other places where you do your own marketing, your own efforts to get and generate traffic and leads, but they're more of the platform for you. That's our industry, that's who we serve at AutomateBIG, which is a lot of fun.

It's a massive progress-driven industry. One article that I read is by the end of next year, it will be a $241 billion industry. That's a B, billion dollar industry. It's funny because when you look at that, in any industry, when you add up all the numbers, all the money that is spent in that category, you think, "Wow, that's amazing!" Don't get me wrong, $241 billion is amazing.

Sometimes you need to look at that as, how many of us are there? That's the big and most important thing to look at, is how many people are creating courses? How many people are consuming courses? And while it is growing and a very great place to be, a lot of businesses have said, "Look, I didn't need an online course in the past, but now I'm gonna do one." It's definitely more mainstream now.

A lot of online learning is starting to surpass what is created in higher education, which I think is interesting. Whether you think it's equal level of service, it's up to you. But at least the dollars that are spent there is massive. Now, when I unofficially add up all of the course creators, all of the edupreneurs, all the infopreneurs that we are online, this is my unofficial total, is there's at least 12 million of us. So if there's 12 million of us, all competing for $241 billion.

Well as you know and as I know, we serve these people at AutomateBIG, but there are millionaires that are making seven, eight figures in that regard. So what does that leave some of the other people out there? There are a lot of people struggling. A lot of people create courses and it doesn't work out for them. It doesn't work out for them. I've had conversations with infopreneurs, like yourself, many times.

I have specific examples of people that I've talked to that have been at it for two years, three years and have something working in this and made some dollars, but they're not really stoked about how many dollars they've made or how many lives have transformed because let's face it. If you're in this just for the money. If you're, if you're building an online course just for the money, well, you're going to be one of those that goes, comes and goes really fast. Even if you make some good money, that's fine.

Those that really want to transform and change the world. Those people that I love and those people that I'd love to serve. And it's challenging, it just is. because there's so many people, I get it that you're hearing me. There are many people that are giving you ideas of like this is what you should do. This is what you should do, to do that and do that. The problem is that everybody has a little piece of the pie. Everybody says like, well, you need to do this on social media and do this on ads. And no, no, no, you can do this on funnels.

This is what you need to do on pages. This is needed for marketing, all of these things that you can do to create and sustain an online business that is in the info space but not everyone's doing it very successfully. There's a lot to it. I just can't state that heavily enough that there's a lot to running an online business in this category. That if you want to make it big, I think you can make, I've seen it. You can make, 50 grand a hundred grand in the info space fairly easily.

I'm not saying that it's easy to scale always super far past that but that's where you have to have the systems. You have to have the automation you have to have the marketing really dialed in in a way. So I just want to at least share that with you that it's a growing industry and where there's a lot of fun. So there's a couple of things you need to learn about this. You need to get ahead ahead of the curve.

What I mean by that is because it's now more mainstream to have an online course or you offer an online course. Well, you need to get ahead of that in a way that in four or five years from now those that are the leaders, will be the leaders. Not that they can't be overtaken but it's definitely going to be more challenging to do so. you see that with people that have online followings on these social media platforms, they have millions of followers, but how many people are gaining millions of followers in the last six months fewer than there were eight years ago.

I'm not saying that you can't do it. I'm saying that it's fewer now. So if you want to get ahead of that curve as an infopreneur then you've got to jump in now full-fledged. Now I've been speaking to a really good colleague of mine that actually helps people build a course. That's not something that we do but I really love the sense that they have and their team approach is, is to really transform the lives of your clients via your course and not everyone does that. There's 12 million of us doing this not everyone does that.

Some people are good teachers. Some people are horrible teachers, but hey, they can still make some dollars. But the people that are going to be in this industry for a long time are those that pay the price to be great at transforming their client. If you can do that, then hey, you're going to be in business for a long time, which is really cool. But there's a process to that. You have to really think about what you're going to create. Usually what we do as infopreneurs, if you're a starter, we usually say, well I know this so I'm going to teach that.

Now don't get me wrong, you want to teach something that you know I'm not saying, teach something you don't know. But one of the missteps that I find is that a lot of people get frustrated and struggle with the fact that their audience doesn't really care what you know they care about what they want to know. So you need to go do the research to find out what people want to learn about what you do. So find out what people want to know about what you do not what you can share, because that's different.

You can share something and people maybe goes over the head like when you're in an industry, as long as I've been in you've been, you can say things very quickly, and it's like, Oh yeah, that makes sense to me because I've been in this industry for a long time but for you, it might be something that's challenging or like I've never heard that before. I got to look at that and work on that. So you got to look at your audience and get over that hump. That's just one little tip but I'm excited about this industry.

One of the things I invite you to do you've seen this video, you've watched what we've done here. If you are an infopreneur, if you're an edupreneur if you are creating an online course and want to scale it and you want to learn how to grow that, then comment. Let me know what your thoughts are. What are you struggling with? I intimately know what many course creators and people that are launching courses struggle with. Some of it is, the challenge to get it launched. That's a big challenge, but once you have it launched how do you create that sustainable income every month? That's another challenge.

I'd love to hear from you personally about what challenges you have. So comment down below, and let me know a little more about what you're working on what you need some insight in and what you need, some help. If I can't help you I'm going to point in the right direction. I have some really great colleagues in this industry that can help. If it's in our wheelhouse, we're going to help you. So I love and appreciate the infopreneur out there. That's working and hustling and doing a lot of work. Because it's no joke. There's a lot of work to do. This is just one small way to AutomateBIG.


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