Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 22

audience message Mar 04, 2021

Hey everyone this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG and I wanted to jump in today and just share a little bit about myself. People always wonder where you come from, want to find out a little bit more about your background. Why you're in business? What you're doing? And I hope that this inspires you to go and share the same thing with your audiences and help the business you help, or the people you serve to get to know you a little more.

It's important that people know who we are. I found that that is one of the biggest differentiators between me and other agencies, is that people can get to know who I am and what I'm all about and that matters. So for me, you know, I grew up in a really good family. I always wanted to work hard, accomplish big things and I played a lot of sports, very competitive. I had a good childhood. Good parents, good sisters, and I had a lot of fun. Worked hard and had some good friends and, you know, just the whole bit.

But as I was working to figure...

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Marketing Runs Deep- Episode 7

audience message Apr 21, 2020


This is Bryan Hatch, CEO and founder of AutomateBIG, and today we are going through another episode of Marketing Runs Deep. I'm excited about the topic we're going to talk about. It comes up quite often when I'm working with business owners out there that have some type of a problem. We're just going to dive right into it.

There is a difference between you and the guru. When I say guru, I'm talking about the expert, the person who's been in the business for a long time. Maybe it's your biggest competitor, someone that's at the forefront and a standout leader in your industry, and you're trying to take them over or have your piece of the pie, whatever it is. When you look at the guru, there are differences between you and them. We're going to jump right into how those make a difference in your business, how you can focus on the right things, and how you can make up for the differences that there are and still get ahead yourself in your business.

The number one thing to look at...

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