Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 19

emails Feb 04, 2021

Hey everybody this is Bryan Hatch, Founder of AutomateBIG, and I wanted to jump into one of the things that comes up quickly when people learn a little more about my marketing background with email marketing, specifically.

"What should an email look like?" Now, if you're ever going to send an email out for your company or your business, your products or service, whatever it is, there are some best practices of email. I want to run through those and actually show you some examples as well, but first I want to show you what an email should look like.

You can imagine this without even seeing a visual. I want you to first think, no matter if you're a business, that you don't have a personality behind you. Like a Nike, you're a brand, people understand, or at least your customers understand that you're a brand. You're not a human being or a personality behind your brand. On the other side of the fence, even if you are a personal brand that people recognize, the face of the company,...

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