Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 13

opt-in page Jun 02, 2020

Hey everyone. This Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG and I'm excited to jump into another episode of Marketing Runs Deep because the topic we're going to be addressing today is something that comes up for every business. If you have any type of digital presence, any type of website, this must be a focus of your company. It's the opt-in page. An opt-in page is, simply put, a page you create that asks somebody for their name and their email, and you give them something in exchange. Now we've talked about, in different videos, the lead magnet, actually what you're going to give away, but this time I want to talk specifically about the opt-in page. Okay. It's very ubiquitous.

People use an opt-in page on pretty much every website out there in the world. They don't use it very well, but it's the contact us form. Everybody has one of those that seems like it says, if you have any questions, put your name and email address and what questions you have, hit submit. While that's not a...

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