Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 16

sales Jun 23, 2020

Hi everyone, this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG and I want to jump into another episode here of Marketing Runs Deep. I specifically wanted to go over my FAQ sessions. So this is one of the things that I get a lot when I'm going about and talking to different people, telling people what we do here at AutomateBIG. People always ask me a similar set of questions. One of those being, "Look, Bryan, should I offer something high price or should I offer something low price? What's the best strategy?" I talk with and work with, and we work with a lot of people that are selling informational products online. Online training, something that you can purchase and consume online. We help people with service-based businesses where they need it. Maybe what I'm doing as well is actually helping our clients. We need to take time. We do the service base, what we do, and then we also help other people that have products.

Typically those first two are the ones that I get this question most...

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