Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 21

software Feb 19, 2021

Hey everybody, this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG and I want to jump into another frequently asked question session here today, regarding some of the things that I get often when I tell people what I do and what we do, as a team. Now, business owners are looking for ways to solve problems. Because I do automation, we do marketing, marketing automation specifically, there's a lot that you can do and so people ask, "Well, should I get this software?" And that's what I want to address today. You see, in that context of, "Should I get this software," you need to think of a few things.

It really depends on what phase of your business you are in, are you in the startup phase, are you in things are going well, or are you going in a massive growth phase? That's the different phases and really, there are responses a little bit differently in each of those categories, but I'll address as if you're either in the startup phase or things are going well. I'm not saying that they are in...

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