Marketing Runs Deep: Episode 20

tagging Feb 12, 2021

Hi everybody, this is Bryan Hatch, founder of AutomateBIG. I want to jump into something that comes up quite often in automation. People that have been automating for a long time know that you must have a tagging structure. Those that are learning or new to automation, if you're trying to be able to string a bunch of emails and software platforms together, to be able to make this thing talk to that thing and do all these cool things, well, you're gonna realize that you're gonna need to have a tagging or segmenting structure, for your contacts specifically. If you're building a list in your business and you have ten thousand, you have a hundred thousand, or if you have a million contacts, you need to segment them out by many segmentations, right?

You need to know who is who. So when I'm talking about tags, many people in many online marketing services now, call them tags, but some call them automations or segmentations. Basically, you're trying to segment who's who within your...

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